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Help Us Make the 2018-19 Giving Year Strong!

Our 2018-19 giving year, which began on September 1, is almost over with $3,179 collected from 12 graduate members. We want to thank those 12 graduate members (you can find them under the Honor Roll tab on our website) who have already made a contribution to Lambda Iota so far this giving year!

Our 2018-19 giving year goal is for $12,000. Last year only 17 out of 1,307 alumni chose to make a voluntary gift. We have yet to meet our goal and we need your help. Who will be next to join our 2018-19 Honor Roll?


We Love to Hear Your Stories!

Boring day? These hilarious memories will put a smile on your face and take you back to your days as an undergraduate. Relive your wild days and share your memories with us at here.

Were You in This Photo?

For most of the Graduate Members of the 1980s, it’s been over 30 years since graduation. Though many years have passed, the memories live on.

No one can forget Fiji Island, for which we hauled in lots of sand and everyone wore native FIJI attire, or the annual Run for Leukemia for the annual Ol’ Oaken Bucket game. Along with the FIJIs of IU, we alternated years running the game football to the opposing team’s field.

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