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Take a Minute This Season and Call an old Friend

The final phase of the holiday season is officially upon us and things are busy, busy busy! It's easy to forget why we do all this rushing around and spending every year considering the stress we put ourselves through. There is really no better time in the year to finally make that call to your Lambda Iota Brother that you have been meaning to make and no better time to help the Chapter. You never know when that simple call or text to an old friend this time of year could make all the difference in the world.

Lambda Iota Honors Purdue President, Mitchel Daniels

Purdue President, Mitchel Daniels, received the Distinguished Fiji Award at our Chapter House on Wednesday November 14th, 2018. A fantatstic group of Graduate Brothers were in attendance for the presentation and we got some great photos.

Thankful for Lambda Iota Brotherhood

We want to wish all of our current Lambda Iota Chapter undergraduates as well as all of our graduate members a Happy Thanksgiving for the month of November. The holiday season is always a time of reflection, celebration, memories and most importantly; gratitude. Whether you had a short drive, a day of flight connections or if you stayed on campus to catch up on work over the holidays, we hope that you enjoyed your time with your families and with yourselves.

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