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Former State Senator Frank Watson ’68 Reflects and Offers Advice to Fellow Brothers

As a former Illinois State Senator and State Republican Leader, Frank Watson was part of an exclusive and influential group for more than 30 years, serving the citizens of Illinois from 1978-2009, until his retirement due to a stroke. Demonstrating leadership, dedication, and commitment to the American people, this experience was not Frank’s first time being part of such a distinctive group.

In fact, his membership in Phi Gamma Delta during his years at Purdue University were a gateway to making connections on Capitol Hill.

Renovations to Offer Improved Safety, Easier Travel, and New Gathering Places

For those of you who didn’t know State Street is currently under construction. Called RE-STATE, this project will reinvent State Street at the heart of Purdue University and West Lafayette, IN. The latest and most intensive phase yet of the State Street Redevelopment Project began on May 15.

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