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Thank you to Curt Ward ’88 for participating in this Q&A

Why did you join Fiji as an undergraduate?  My two older brothers were FIJIs and I had grown up seeing the fun and great friends they made.  

What is the funniest memory from your Fiji days?  My mind is a catalog of funny memories.  There are too many to choose from, but one that sticks is out is the time we hosted a mock wedding for a party our senior year.

What is the single fondest memory you have shared/will share with your children and grandchildren?
  The acceptance that the Purdue FIJIs gave me when I transferred there from DePauw FIJI house my junior year.  I was invited into the chapter and accepted into my pledge class, even though I went through pledgeship at DePauw.

How do you stay connected with your brothers as a graduate?
  Every year we have a pledge class reunion during the first weekend in March and we also get together for football game tailgates and keep in contact via email and phone.

Have you visited Purdue since graduation?
I visit at least once a year.  It is great to get to a football and basketball game and stop by the house as well as checking in at Pig Dinner.

What about your membership in Fiji makes you the most proud?  "Not for college days alone." This is a group of men that live that phrase out in their lives.
How would your life be different today if you had never joined Fiji?  Wow...wouldn't venture a guess.  My life is what it is and it is richer because I joined FIJI.

Where has life taken you since graduation? My life has been quite a journey since graduation. I am very blessed.  Right now, I am the program director for the St Vincent Family Medicine Residency in Indianapolis, IN.  Who'da thunk it?  

Who do you stay connected with in your graduate years? Are there any brothers you've lost touch with whom you'd like to reconnect?
  There are some that I stay in contact with more than others.  Ultimately, I wish I would connect better with all of them

What is the best thing about your graduate experience? 
Being encouraged by the good work the fraternity is doing in supporting and developing the new young brothers.  Connecting with other alumni to relive old memories and make new ones.

Reconnect with Curt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (317) 407-7118.

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