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As a graduate, you may not have Lambda Iota Chapter at the top of your priority list. Maybe you’ve lost touch, maybe you’ve gotten caught up with your job, your family and a life of your own. There are many reasons you might not be as close to the chapter as you’d like, but there’s one big reason why you should be.

Without your help, there may not be a Lambda Iota Chapter.

Think back to your time at Fiji Purdue; the pledging, initiation, the social events, the traditions and the brothers you still keep in touch with. Without graduate contributions, none of that would have been possible for you, just like without your contribution, it won’t be available for future generations of Lambda Iota Chapter brothers.

Don’t let the years of traditions die out. Make a contribution to the future of Fiji Purdue today and help us continue to foster personal development in the pursuit of excellence.

So far, we’ve raised $1,325 towards our $5,000 goal. We’re about a quarter of the way to our 2015-2016 goal, but there’s still plenty of time left to change that! Thank you to those who have already contributed to the 2015-16 annual fund:

General Honor Roll
Roger Jurgovan 1957
Herbert Wilken 1958
Merlin Miller 1961
William Getzelmann 1963
J Damron MD 1966
Paul Parish 1971
Bruce Pitman 1971
Matthew Garrett 1995
Michael Dumas * 2006
Jason Smith * 2008

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