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photo credit: Ryan McGuire

Our annual fund for the 2015-2016 giving year began on September 1 and, so far, we have received fourteen donations for a total of $1,975 toward our goal of $5,000 from 75 donors. Lambda Iota’s mid-year appeal letter will be hitting your mailboxes shortly, so keep an eye out for that!

The holidays are over and tax returns are on their way, so now is the perfect time to make your contribution to Lambda Iota Chapter!

We would like to thank our top five all time donors; Paul Parish ’71, Edwin Sweeney ’49, Thomas Foley ’70, Jerome Bean Jr. ’64 and Christopher Burke ’77 for their generous donations over the years, as well as the fourteen men who contributed so far this giving year:

General Honor Roll
William Miller
Lewis Hollmeyer 1948
Harry Ballard 1953
Roger Jurgovan 1957
Herbert Wilken 1958
Merlin Miller 1961
William Brock 1963
William Getzelmann 1963
J Damron MD 1966
Paul Parish 1971
Bruce Pitman 1971
Matthew Garrett 1995
Michael Dumas * 2006
Jason Smith * 2008

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