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Last month we asked each of you who met your significant others through Lambda Iota Chapter to share your love stories with the rest of us in honor of Valentine’s Day. Brother Denny McBroom ’65 shared his Fiji love story with us:

“My wife Linda (Amos) McBroom and I dated all through high school and college (Purdue '65). We broke up in our senior year and married other people. At my 25th FIJI pledge class reunion, my PBs asked what ever happened to Linda. Honestly, I had thought about her very often over the 31 years I was first married. It was a troubled marriage and my self-esteem was quite low. However, reuniting with my PBs made me feel that I was still valued and loved by them. This gave me the courage to act on feelings I held for 31 years, so I set out to find her.

This was in 1997 when there were no search engines to find people. However, a graduate of Purdue found her for me. I contacted her and, to my surprise, she had been divorced for 6 years. I called her and we talked into the early morning hours. We soon got together and found that we still had strong feelings for each other. From that meeting on, we knew we were getting married. That was in July 1998. I am incredibly blessed to have Linda in my life. This past summer, we hosted my pledge class's 50th reunion and I was able thank everyone for giving me the courage to seek out the girl of my dreams.”

-Denny McBroom ’65

If you didn’t share your Fiji love story, you can submit it HERE or in the Facebook comment box below!

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