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“Not For College Days Alone.” It’s the motto that all Fiji Brothers live by. We may have graduated from Purdue University, but we will never graduate from Phi Gamma Delta. But what if we had never joined Fiji Purdue? How would our lives be different?

Brother Jerry Lyles ’64 attributes his diverse exposure and connections to his time in Phi Gamma Delta:

“I would not have had the chance of living with and experiencing quite possibly the most talented and diverse concentration of people on the Purdue campus. Having come from a rural area of the far West, through Phi Gamma Delta I experienced and grew from being exposed to a large cross culture of people from Florida, New York, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and other Midwestern states. I learned from leadership styles and observed potential unfold as some of those in cocoons dramatically unfolded as they moved on in life.

Secondly, as we moved through our careers, the saying that Phi Gamma Delta is not for college days alone came to life. The continued contact through the years led to a career impact experience when Brother Chuck Armstrong ’64 forwarded to me an ad for a business seeking a person with my credentials. The result of this was priceless exposure to the manufacturing industry, which I later made use of through our corporation investing in manufacturing firms with wonderful results.

We have enjoyed continuing relationships and many pleasurable experiences with fraternity classmates on visits to homes and joint vacation trips.

Lastly, the exposure to the fabulous alumni of Phi Gamma Delta has been a wonderful experience in associating with, as was observing the charitable volunteer work that so many have been able to do as their careers progressed.

My career is winding down. I now work in the office four days a week and mentor the person who is the heir to my position. That presumably gives me three day weekends. However, I have found that one of those days gets gobbled up with work over the course of the weekend. More recently, on behalf of our corporations, I have enjoyed buying and developing agricultural land for nuts and citrus, investing in apartment properties and working with partners in building homes and shopping centers.

Nanette and I live a blessed life. We are able to travel the world, which we do during a couple of trips each year. It’s a wonderful experience seeing how other cultures live and viewing the rest of the world, including the United States. It really helps with answers to Jeopardy questions! My most recent charitable work has consisted of being on the board of trustees of the California University of Health Sciences, a non-profit medical based school which will take in its third class this fall. Sitting on a board with educators, medical people, lawyers and financial types puts me in contact with quite a different cut of people than I normally deal with on a daily basis. We count our blessings for good health and a family of children and grandchildren enjoying their lives.”

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