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In honor of Armed Forces Day on May 21, we would like to thank the following brothers for their service:

Capt. Jerry Weisenauer, USMC (1959-61)
1st Lt. Tom Spurgeon, Army Ordnance Corps (Active 1961-64, Reserve 1964-66)
Richard Hock, Army (Intelligence Analyst)
CDR John Shippee, USN (Vietnam)
Ed Ogden, USN (1946-48 USS Norton Sound AV-11, Electronic Technician 3rd Class)
Lt. G. Samuel Bangs, USNR (1962-64)
the late Greg Hales, USN
Capt. Fred Schramm, Army
Capt. Steven Furste, Army (1968-72)
LCDR Chad E. George, USN (ret., May 1996-May 2016)
Lt. Doug Stuart, USN (three years active, reserves afterward)
1st Lt. Thomas “Freddy” Little, Army Signal Corps (Vietnam 1969-70)
2nd Lt. Charles Armstrong, USAF
Capt. Michael Dumas, USAF
Lt. Col. Chad George, USN
Col. Lewis Hall, Army
Joel Kessler
LTC Willis Knipe,
Capt. Dennis McBroom, USN (ret.)
Col. Jay Pershing (ret.)
Curtis Ross, USN (Naval Aviator)
Capt. David Salzman, USMC
Todd Steill, USN (Search and Rescue Swimmer)
Charles Stewart, USAF
Scott Stockman
LTJG Paul White,
USN (Naval Aviator)
Lt. Col. Scott Witte

the late Cpl. Brian Matthew Kennedy, USMC

Lt. Col. Scott Witte, USMC
“Retired after 23 years of active/reserve duty. Completed two invasion tours into Kuwait/Iraq (1991—Desert Storm; 2003 Op Iraqi Freedom) Would do it all again in a heartbeat!”

1st Lt. Robert Schmidt, Army
“I graduated from Senior ROTC and was commissioned in June 1952 during the Korean War and served as an Army 2nd LT. Then, I was a 1st LT. for a seven-year commitment (two Active and five reserve). I’m still "very glad to be a Fiji".”

James Redinger, USAF
“I graduated in 1959 and served in the Air Force two years active and four years reserve.  I was an Airman First Class in the 164th Fighter Squadron attached to the 9th Air Force.  This was during the Viet Nam military action but did not serve over seas.  I was qualified as a weapons specialist.”

2nd Lt. William Brock, Army Ordnance Branch
“After Officer training at Aberdeen Proving Grounds and Ft. Lee, VA, I served 14 months in South Korea south of Seoul and then near the DMZ. It was not Vietnam but a hardship tour with plenty of field time. It was a learning and maturing experience. I resigned after 2 years from Rock Island Arsenal, IL. Four years of inactive Army Reserves after that.”

Capt. Dennis McBroom,
“I was on active duty from 1966 to 1971 as Marine Corps Helicopter pilot in Viet Nam. I was a Purple Heart recipient. I was in Navy reserves as an Aerospace Engineer from 1980 to 2002 and retired as a Navy Captain.”

Capt. Richard A. Powell, USN
“I am a veteran having served in the Navy for thirty years.  I was commissioned in 1959 right out of school.  I flew airplanes during my career and attained 850 carrier landings and 236 combat missions in Vietnam.  I was commanding officer of an A-6 Attack squadron (VA-145) and commanding officer of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island located in Washington State's Puget Sound.  I had several significant staff tours, two in the Washington, D.C. area. I thoroughly enjoyed my career and would do it all over again.”

LTJG Gerald V. Lyles,
USN Civil Engineer Corp
“Active 1964-66 U.S. Naval Station Sangley Point Phillipines. Reserve 1966-70.”

LTJG Charles G. Armstrong, USN
“I served on active duty in the United States Navy from October 1967 to February 1971.  I went to Navy OCS in Newport, Rhode Island.  The best job I have ever had was being Officer of the Deck on an Attack Aircraft Carrier (USS Bon Homme Richard, CVA-31), being on Yankee Station during the Vietnam conflict.”

Capt. Parker Wayland, USN
“I served 7 years active duty, including 4 years on USS Nautilus (SSN 571), the first nuclear submarine.  I served another 23 years in the Naval Reserve and retired with the rank of Captain.

Our class was STRONG for the Navy.  Notably, Perry Wilkins (submarines) and Richard Allen Powell (aviator) retired from active duty with the rank of Captain, and Jerry Kimball, Jerry Weisenauer and probably others I can’t think of right now served as officers with great distinction.”

David L. Schmutzler, USAF
“I was a Ground Electronics Officer in the USAF from March 1962 until March 1965.  Service locations were at Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Mississippi, Hill AFB, Ogden, Utah & Opheim Air Force Station, Opheim, Montana.  Work included extensive travel to Air Force facilities in the western states which was mostly accomplished via civilian aircraft rented by the USAF for my use because that was more efficient ( I was (am) a commercially rated pilot & flight instructor ).”

Wallace J. Dillingham, USAF
Click here to read a full profile about his time in the armed forces.

Col. Jay W. Pershing, Army (ret.)
“I served in the U.S. Army from 1954 t0 1980.  I Was a pilot, flying both fixed wing and helicopters in places like Germany, Korea, Vietnam and Ethiopia and I retired in 1980 as a Colonel.”

1st Lt. Herb Wilken, Army
“Along with many others in my class, I stayed in advanced Army ROTC for the stipend they paid to help pay my tuition. After graduation in 1958, I received a commission as a 2nd Lt. in the US Army Reserve and spent my active duty time at Fort Eustis, Virginia, home of the Army Transportation Corps. After several years reserve participation, I was discharged as a 1st Lt. in 1967.”

Capt. Paul Parish, USAF
“I was an Air Force ROTC Cadet at Purdue on a Financial Assistance Grant Scholarship and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant upon graduation and achieved the rank of Captain.  I served in the U S Air Force from March 1972 through May 1977 at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri for two years and at Sembach Air Base, Germany for three years.  I was selected as the 1976 worldwide runner-up winner of the Headquarters United States Air Force Engineering & Services Major General J. B. Newman award as the outstanding officer in my Air Force career field.”

Lt. Morg Henika,
“I was in the V-12 corps in Cary Halls. Graduated with a Navy  reserve commission as an Ensign in the reserves.In 1939 was called up to a station at Astoria, Ore. Served there as Repair  Officer for 2 years and was discharged in 1939. Called up in 1941 and ended up as a LTUSNNR and went back home to Lakewood. Ohio. Now living in Tucson, AZ in a retirement facility at the age of 89, enjoying it thoroughly, good food and plenty of companions.”

If you are a member of the armed forces but are not on this list, or if your information is not up-to-date, please click here to let us know!

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