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In a 1980's edition of a Phi Gam publication, W. Aitken Riddle (Illinois Wesleyan '47) submitted an astounding list of 13 Fiji brothers in his family, which has jumped to 15 since then.

  1. Harry E. Riddle, Sr. (Illinois Wesleyan '15), first of the line and following are related to him
  2. Garth T. Riddle (Illinois Wesleyan '21), brother
  3. George B. Riddle (Illinois Wesleyan '27), brother
  4. Louis R. Berner (Purdue '49), nephew
  5. W. Aitken Riddle (Illinois Wesleyan '47), son
  6. Harry E. Riddle, Jr. (Illinois Wesleyan '51), son
  7. Richard Barrett (Northwestern '60), nephew
  8. Richard S. Riddle (Oregon State '58), nephew
  9. Frank Riddle (Illinois Wesleyan '56), cousin, son of #3
  10. Kent W. Berner (Purdue '73), grandnephew, son of #4
  11. Scott Riddle (Purdue '79), grandson
  12. Kent Riddle (Purdue '80), grandson
  13. Greg Riddle (Purdue '84), grandson
  14. Douglas R. Riddle (Purdue '09), great grandson, son of #11
  15. Connor Riddle (Illinois '19), great grandson, son of #13

That's incredible! Thank you for sharing, Scott. If you are part of a Fiji legacy, please share your story by clicking here.

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