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At Pig Dinner on February 4, Chris Burke, President of Lambda Iota Graduate Corporation, announced that this spring, as soon as the brothers move out of the house, work will start in several areas inside the house. Also, once purchase is completed from Purdue on the two lots to the south, civil engineering will start there. That is expected to occur in early June.

Inside the house, the restrooms on the second and third floors will be completely gutted and rebuilt. The layout will be essentially the same but all new, including all the plumbing. Since the ladies powder room on the first floor is connected, it will also be refurbished as part of this project. In addition, work will commence on the new heating and cooling system. Engineering is not complete on the latter, but it is likely that upgraded electrical systems will also be required.

Outside, on the new lots, a new storm water collection system will be installed on the future parking area and the sand volleyball court relocated adjacent to the alley and running north and south. The future parking area will be graded and the base stone installed.

Fund raising for what is expected to be an $8 million project when finished will start in March. The graduate corporation has entered into an agreement with the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation in order that a portion of the funds from donors will be tax deductible. Donors will be able to pledge and give over a two-year period and use either cash or stock.

In 2018, the new addition will be built and room renovations started in the present house. Work on the new addition can start in the spring even before school ends. But work inside the house obviously has to wait until it is vacated for the summer. The goal is to get the majority of the project completed by the start of classes in the fall of 2018, but some portion of the work planned in the present house could carry over until the summer of 2019.

We appreciate the emails and phone calls from brothers in support of this significant project. From this time forward we will publish periodic updates.

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