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Chuck "Hobie" Hoban '67

Graduate Member Doug Bash '68 Reflects On Departed Brother Chuck Hoban '67 and Purdue in the 60's

FiJi Pledge Class of '67 began with 33 young men. One pledge was dubbed "The Ghost" since, once pledged, we never saw him again. Thirty-two ultimately received their Pin that year. We were "The Frogs," self-named, I believe, but I cannot recall what specific indignity was thrust on us as Pledges to be so named.

Up to last week, our Class had seven deaths. Then, completely unexpected, Chuck Hoban '67 died.  His death was even unexpected by "Hobie," as best we know, though we have no details yet. His memorial service and funeral was scheduled for May 11 in Apopka, Fla., near Orlando.

Class of '67 50th Anniversary Reunion during Homecoming 2017

 The Vietnam War was a pretty major deal to our class during those years. Many served in the military and of those, a good number served in Vietnam. Eight of our original "Frogs" are now deceased and, zero were killed in combat. Odds beaten.

Flash-forward to Purdue's last Homecoming Game, September 21, 2017...

Eighteen Frogs, plus many spouses, gathered at 640 Russell Street for our 50th year since leaving Purdue (some hung out a bit longer), though we had some '66 folk who Pledged with us as sophomores. Our numbers averaged-out for being tossed in 1967. 

Chuck Hoban and his wife Peggy were part of that gathering. We were all full of life that day. Walking well, drinking less (than days past), laughing more and having a great time.  Many arrived on Thursday; most left on Sunday. We were able to spend a ton of time together - much more than the usual pre-kickoff lunch before saying goodbye for another year. We were all grateful to have been together that day in health. Times together count large. 

In addition to the '67 Frogs who returned for last Homecoming, our class has Honorary Frogs who join us often. There is Strength in Numbers and they are part of The Pond in every way. We have managed to stay in close contact for 50 years. Jeff Cooke - known as Mad Dog from day one as a Pledge, remained near Purdue for his legal career and has been our wheel hub for remaining so tight and involved with each other. 

We remain a very tight group. All who gathered for that game remembered Purdue and FiJi Land with the reverence deserved. The two institutions have played a major part in all our lives and that is reflected when we gather en masse or in smaller groups, as we do often.  

Frogs Forever, For Sure.  Egrep!   (Perge! spelled backward.  No one said we were clever) 


Doug Bash '68

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