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Two ways to connect with your Brothers beyond social media

Scrolling through Facebook or Instagram may seem like a great way to maintain connections with your Greek Brothers. However, it is well known that social media will never replace face-to-face interactions. So for this 2019, make plans to interact with others beyond technology. Here are a couple ways to start connecting with the Greek life outside your screen.

Attend Amazing Events

One of the best things about being an graduate member from a Greek organization is the sheer amount of events available. From homecoming to luncheons, the opportunities are endless. Most of these incredible events are hosted in exciting and beloved venues. Besides just celebrating Greek life, events like these can promote great volunteer and help opportunities within the community. Through these events it is easier to give back to your Chapter.

Updating your information

Whether it’s updating your information on an email list or a newsletter subscription, be assured that this is the easiest way to keep up-to-date with the latest news. Learn about all the different opportunities and growing network of graduates from all over the country. This is also the prime way to discover the wide variety of events hosted by your Chapter. Through these correspondences you can also learn about the amazing work done by graduate members in a range of different fields from science and research to art and education.

So with just two simple steps you can become a more active member in your community. Go ahead and take the leap!

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