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THINK QUICK! Off the top of your head: what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the start of a new school year with FIJI?

Maybe it’s memories of football games and homecoming events, excitement over being reunited with many of your FIJI brothers, or the recollection of crisp fall days spent walking to class or perhaps playing football, cornhole, or soccer with some of your closest friends. 

No matter what first pops into your head, we hope it brings you the same positive emotions that we feel as we look toward the start of the 2019 school year. 

The new school year has already begun and we have welcomed back current active brothers and will soon be ushering in a new exceptional class of new members. A fresh board of undergraduate officers will be elected, and Graduate Brothers and actives alike will have homecoming to look forward to. With all of this comes a sense of renewal, an opportunity for continued growth and excitement for the future ahead! 

We hope that it also sparks a renewed energy and interest within you to continue to be a strong part of our FIJI brotherhood– be it through your time, talents, funds, or meaningful friendships and connections with your fellow Graduate Members! Or if you haven’t been as involved in past years, maybe your interest and curiosity is even slightly piqued. We hope to fold you back into the brotherhood and engage you in some Fun with a PURPOSE!

Let’s make this year the best year yet for the Lambda Iota chapter! (Or at least as good as YOUR active years – because we know those were pretty tough to beat!) 


Visit the website to peruse photos from your era, or even login to upload a few yourself!

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