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We sent some of our FIJI Brothers an email questionnaire. Thanks to everyone who responded! We appreciate you taking the time to send us your feedback, and we thoroughly enjoyed reading about your experiences with FIJI!

Below are some of our favorite responses. If you want to share your stories, pictures, or personal news with us, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Read on to hear your Brothers thoughts!


"When I pledged the Phi Gamma Delta, there were an outstanding group of bright, talented and men in the fraternity that cared about one another.  Bill Dudley, Bob Schmidt, Ed Ogden, Ron Ballantyne, Doug Shortridge, Jack Noyes, Bill Brant, Jim Lefler Bob Supple, Harry Ballard, Dave Anderson, Mike Schaffer and many more.  I still think of them with wonderful memories and lessons learned. They taught me the importance of friendship, teamwork and self-discipline. If it hadn’t been for Windy Cook, Jim Idol and Bob Sargeant helping me learn Chemistry, I would never have made my grade to become initiated."

-  Roger G. Gay '55


"FIJI was a big influence on my life. It made me focus on something bigger than myself and my daily activities. There were founding principles, impressive history, honorable brothers who had changed the world, diverse brothers in the house, all having something to contribute and to teach us all. Generally, this is something worth funding- despite the presence of a few who don’t get the big picture.

Some 'move on' and leave their FIJI friends. WHY?? Keep those friendships alive. With the pandemic, we learn that friends, family, and community are really important. You can’t do it alone. Stay in touch with the groups that have served you well. We’ll get past this pandemic, just like all the many pandemics in our history."

- William Brock '63


"Our fraternity has been special for me. Although one typically thinks of the fraternity when in school, the saying that Phi Gamma Delta is not for college days alone is so dramatically true. Over the years I probably have seen a brother frequently, and some are pledge class brothers. Others perhaps I’ve never before met. There is just a common bond that one feels. I have relished the feeling for years. So, as brothers have helped me over time, I seek to pay dollars forward and help brothers I have yet to meet. Wish I had contributed more faithfully each year. It was too easy to put off.

Yes, the word is experience, a fantastic experience. When at school, we functioned as a unit, dedicated to one another, proud of our relationship. Then, as adults, we again would take time to look after one another. Presently, we are planning our 60 year reunion...with my best friends."

- Thomas Spurgeon '61

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