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We would like to say thank you to Jerry Kimball ‘59 for sending in a Graduate Brother update. We always appreciate hearing from our Brothers! If you would like to submit your own update, to be uploaded to the website and featured in the future, you can email our Graduate Brother relations partner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also post directly by submitting an update on the website; CLICK HERE to do that! 

Here is what your Brother had to say:

"Enjoyed a fabulous October weekend with wives as we celebrated the 60th reunion of the great Class of 1959. Despite meeting the challenges of 5K's and marathons, we were impressed with the current and future expansions while touring the campus. Wow! Brother Mitch is doing a great job! Otherwise, we were able to spend much time discussing our current lives -and- reviewing the escapades of our youth while at Purdue. Explanations are not forthcoming. Looking forward to the next reunion, whenever that might be."

Seated left to right: Jim Redinger, Jerry Kimball, Dick Marshall, Jerry Weisenauer, Jack Coffin.  Top row left to right: Bill Davis, Parker Wayland, Jim Stukel, Perry Wilkins, Dave Jones, Dave Williams

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