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The connections and friendships that Robert Supple ’57 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) experienced at Phi Gamma Delta compel him to give back. Here’s a look into his experience in the house and why he continues to support the fraternity. 

‘Friendliness’ was what set Phi Gamma Delta apart for Supple. “I had an older brother in the chapter and friends going through Rush with me.” 

One of his best memories was his pledge class walk-out. The greatest impact that Phi Gamma Delta had on his life is “continued contact with Fijis from all over the country.” 

“It was a great experience.” 

Supple gives back “in order to financially assist the chapter to continue to offer others a similar experience to mine.” 

He believes that if more alumni give back, “it might enable the chapter to offer opportunities to more potential members.” 

Without Phi Gamma Delta, I wouldn't have been as closely associated with as many fellow students. 

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