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Class of 1963 Celebrates Memorable 50th Anniversary

In the fall of 1959 we hit the Purdue campus, most not knowing each other or that we even existed.  Good judgment, providence and timing brought us together at Phi Gamma Delta - Class of 1963.

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Greeks More Active Through Life: Study

The Center for Advanced Social Research at the University of Missouri recently conducted a two-year research study, which found that:
• Men and women who have had a fraternal experience are far more likely to volunteer and participate in community activities.
• Sorority and fraternity graduate members are significantly more active in religious and civic organizations.
• Alumni affiliated with Greek-letter organizations rank high in "social capital," a concept that applies to those who invest their time and energy to improve the quality of life in their communities.
Other national studies conducted annually consistently indicate that students who choose to join Greek-letter organizations experience many positive benefits, including the following:
• Greek students are more likely to stay in college than other students.
• Alumni members achieve success. College graduates who belong to a sorority or fraternity tend to be more financially successful than other college graduates.
• Greek alumni give more money to their alma maters, both more often and in greater quantity than non-Greek alumni.
• Greek students are more active on campus and in community activities. Upon graduation, these members are also more likely to get involved in volunteer and charitable organizations.

Reposted from http://greeklife.unt.edu/resources/research_greek_life.html

Happy New Year!

The ball has dropped and most of the ornaments have been tucked away for yet another season.  2014 is now upon us, with the hopes that this holiday season has been a memorable one. 

Perhaps in the waning hours of 2013, you reflected on what the year had for you as you prepared your resolutions for the coming year.  Nationally, it was a tumultuous one, to say the least.  We started off on a high note with President Obama's second inauguration. But, with the government shutdown and the lackluster start of the Affordable Healthcare Act, that seems like a very distant memory for most.  On the entertainment front, Iron Man was the biggest winner in the box office, and Miley Cyrus and 'Kimye' made the biggest splashes with their... well, whatever it is that they do...

A new year has dawned.  May it hold the promise for health and happiness for you and yours!

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