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Andrew Redinger ’88 was a Phi Gam at Heart Long Before Attending Purdue

For many freshmen interested in joining a fraternity, the sheer number of options alone may seem overwhelming. But for Andrew Redinger ’88, his decision to join Phi Gamma Delta was an easy one, made well before arriving at Purdue.

“My dad (Jim Redinger '59) and uncle (Tom Redinger '54) were both Purdue Phi Gams,” he explains. “The countless Fiji stories told and the strong friendships they made during their years at 640 Russell made me want to become part of Phi Gamma Delta in the worst way!”

When meeting the Fiji brothers for the first time, Andrew certainly had high expectations and they didn’t disappoint.

“I felt part of the brotherhood the very first time I was invited over to the house,” he says. “It was easy to see that it was a special place.”

While living with 60 other brothers in close proximity may seem like one big party, Andrew did learn some important lessons that he has carried with him to this day.

“Living in the house taught me how to deal with all kinds of situations that I regularly find myself in today,” he says. “I learned so many life lessons in that house. It was some of the best times of my life.”

Andrew also proudly recalls the support he received academically from the fraternity.

“I majored in Economics and I don’t think I would have made it through college if it weren’t for the structure that Phi Gamma Delta brought,” he says. “The study tables as a Pledge and the overall competitiveness to be the top fraternity on campus were big motivators.”

Not succumbing to the “all work and no play” mentality, Andrew and his brothers did find plenty of things to entertain them when they weren’t hitting the books.

“Some of my most special memories were of Saturday mornings in a cold dorm, Monday night spaghetti dinners, the annual Purple Garter Dance, football Saturdays, Fiji Island, White Castle runs to Indy, and just hanging out on the front porch,” he says.

But perhaps his favorite memory was sharing a special moment with his father.

“My dad attended my initiation ceremony,” he fondly remembers. “It was a complete surprise.”

Presently, Andrew stays busy working as a Managing Director and Head of the Utility, Power & Renewable Energy Group at KeyBanc Capital Markets, an investment banking firm located in Cleveland.

Reflecting on his undergrad years, however, Andrew wishes he kept in contact more regularly with his Fiji brothers.

“I don’t keep in touch nearly as much as I would like,” he admits. “[My pledge class] gets together every March. Although I have not been able to attend the last couple of years, I am definitely planning on attending the annual get-together in 2018.”

While he may not have attended the reunions the past few years, Andrew does return to campus and the Fiji house when he can, savoring the feeling of going home.

“I get back there occasionally, and the rush of memories and emotions are the same every time,” he says. “It’s a great feeling that usually lasts a few days.”

When it comes to offering advice to current brothers, he doesn’t hesitate.

“Cherish every moment,” he says. “The friendships you make are going to last your lifetime. The time spent at 640 Russell is priceless.”

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