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Unbeknownst to him at the time, Justin Steill’s decision to join Phi Gamma Delta in 1996 has led him to a point in his life where giving back is daily motivation. As a real estate agent, Justin finds joy in helping people every day.

“I own a Real Estate company called Homes With Steill,” he says. “My team covers Indianapolis and surrounding areas. I enjoy helping people and families find the right home for them.”

But Justin isn’t just helping those around him—he is making a difference hundreds of miles from home.

“Part of my time goes to a Ministry I run in Guatemala,” he explains. “We sponsor kids to go to school. We raised enough money to purchase land last year, and we are building a new school for them that will be able to support 1,000 families.”

That ministry, called Wisdom and Grace (www.wisdomandgrace.org), focuses on helping children living in impoverished communities in Guatemala break the cycle of poverty through education and discipleship. Their mission is to provide holistic education based on the Word of God while taking into consideration the needs of the spirit, soul, and body.

Justin also enjoys traveling with his wife, Lindsey (Purdue ’98) and his two sons, Cohen (11) and Leyton (9).

Through it all, Justin keeps in the back of his mind Phi Gamma Delta, where he learned many of the skills and experiences that have pushed him to seek opportunities to help others.

“Being part of a fraternity introduces you to working with different personalities, being part of a team, and developing responsibility for your actions,” he says. “You are given the opportunity to help others through philanthropic events. These events gave me experiences that helped me in business and life after college.”

As an Organizational Leadership and Supervision major, Justin also found many of his brothers helpful in his studies.

“The Study Tables helped with prioritizing a school-first mentality,” he states. “My older brothers were also a big help with their knowledge and support.”

Finding that support was easy for Justin from the minute he became a Phi Gam.

“I had been invited by Brothers that were friends of mine to a rush event,” he says. “After visiting other fraternities, I found that the sense of brotherhood was really strong at FIJI.”

Even with a strong focus on his academics, Justin certainly found time to explore the social benefits of fraternity living.

“Many of my college memories are from Brotherhood functions, dinners, and cold air conversations,” he says. “Some of my most special ones are FIJI Island, The Dirts, and the front porch. I can’t really go into detail.”

Although he is busy, Justin still takes time to return the house when he is in town for football and basketball games, often attending them with his fellow brothers.

“Going to the house brings back a lot of memories,” he says.

Keeping those memories alive, he still remains in contact with many of his brothers.

“Facebook is a great way to stay in touch,” he says. “Indy FIJIs get together for dinner and drinks several times a year. Many of us meet up at Purdue football and basketball games.”

The idea of giving back is clearly rooted deep for Justin. Not only through his career and ministry, but he also supports those organizations that have influenced his life, including Phi Gamma Delta. The fraternity, in particular, is on Justin’s radar and he is looking for support from his fellow brothers.

“I want to keep the house updated and would like to start a campaign called The $640 Campaign to raise all of the money needed for the Phi Gamma Delta house renovations. Who’s in?” he asks.

Looking to social media as his main source of communication for this endeavor, Justin plans to start a Facebook page for the campaign – stay tuned to www.purduefiji.org for more information to come!

For now, Justin will continue his work both in and outside of the U.S., helping others as much as he can.

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