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You already know the impact Greek life has—because you lived it. The term ‘social fraternity’ might give the impression that the Greek experience is superficial. But research shows that personal connections and friendships are the key to happiness.  

These lifelong relationships are only part of what makes the fraternity experience so transformational. From our career trajectories to our family’s values, our Lambda Iota Chapter experience played a key role. Our experiences helped make us into the people we are today.  

Here is an eBook of some of the best responses to recent a survey of Greek communities across the country. These quotes illustrate why Greek life is and will remain a key part of the higher education experience. Click HERE to read the eBook and keep reading to see what Iota Chapter members had to say.  


"The most valuable part of my FIJI experience was learning to live with so many people of different mindsets, backgrounds and interests. I loved having the benefit of observing so many potential great leaders developing and in action. Those with whom we are close arising from our college days will always be brothers.” - Gerald V. Lyles ‘64 


"The most important thing to me was the friendships I made. I piss purple.” - Joseph Mack ‘05 


"One of the most important things I learned as a Fiji was the importance of education and striving to stay in the top five on campus—-quiet hours meant something! Keep the tradition going!" - William Hanley ‘60 


"My 4 years at Purdue, and my 3 years living in the house were significant. The FIJI house and fraternity experience was a valuable life lesson. Learning to live closely with 70 uniquely different guys (and there were a few very uniquely different brothers) takes patience, respect, and strength; fortunately, I connected with most, and I cherish the experience and memories. My most valuable FIJI experience is the life-long relationships and close friendships created." - William Gettings ‘78 


"Our fraternity has been special for me. Although one typically thinks of the fraternity when in school, the saying that Phi Gamma Delta is not for college days alone is so dramatically true. Over the years I probably have seen a brother frequently, and some are pledge class brothers. Others perhaps I’ve never before met. There is just a common bond that one feels. I have relished the feeling for years.   

Yes, the word is experience, a fantastic experience. When at school, we functioned as a unit, dedicated to one another, proud of our relationship. Then, as adults, we again would take time to look after one another. Presently, we are planning our 60-year reunion...with my best friends.” Thomas Spurgeon ‘61 


"FIJI was a big influence on my life. It made me focus on something bigger than myself and my daily activities. There were founding principles, impressive history, honorable brothers who had changed the world, diverse brothers in the house, all having something to contribute and to teach us all. I gained humility, in that some brothers had talents way beyond mine. The value of Leadership- someone has to take charge and try to be an example for others.” - William Brock ‘63 


"I love my Fraternity. Always have - Always will. I made lifelong friendships there. In College days the Fraternity provided good direction along with the beginning of those friendships." - Robert Schmidt ‘52 


"As a Fiji from the Class of 1955, I welcome the opportunity to share my Phi Gamma Delta experiences at Lambda Iota. Fiji brothers have meant a great deal to me and they still do today. 

When I pledged the Phi Gamma Delta, there was an outstanding group of bright, talented men in the fraternity that cared about one another. I still think of them with wonderful memories and lessons learned. They taught me the importance of friendship, teamwork and self-discipline.” - Roger Gay ‘55 

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