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For many of us, Phi Gamma Delta was an important part of our Purdue experience. Whatever your key takeaways from your time at Purdue, I think we can all agree on this: Phi Gamma Delta’s impact extends far beyond our brief time at the chapter house.

Here are 5 reasons Phi Gamma Delta still matters after you graduate, according to your fellow graduate brothers.


William Hanley ‘60

“Purdue and Phi Gamma Delta have certainly been a major contributor to our family’s success and achievements! Our pledge class was not great in external campus activities but we all became very close after graduation and for many year’s thereafter with many reunions and get-togethers! In fact we are planning our 60th as we speak! We have 3 granddaughters as Purdue Thetas following their grandmother and aunt! One of the most important things I learned as a Fiji was the importance of education and striving to stay in the top five on campus.”


William Gettings ‘78

“My 4 years at Purdue, and my 3 years living in the house were significant.  The FIJI house and fraternity experience was a valuable life lesson.  Learning to live closely with 70 uniquely different guys (and there were a few very uniquely different brothers) takes patience, respect, and strength; fortunately I connected with most, and I cherish the experience and memories.

My most valuable FIJI experience is the life-long relationships and close friendships created.  

The graduate association is an opportunity to continue the FIJI custom, “It’s not for college days alone”  

Relationships are central and brotherhood is strongest when a brother experiences loss or pain - it’s my observation that we are there for one another when we are needed. Currently, I do stay in touch with several of my P.B.s and many between 1976 – 1982.”


Thomas Spurgeon ‘61

“Our fraternity has been special for me. Although one typically thinks of the fraternity when in school, the saying that Phi Gamma Delta is not for college days alone is so dramatically true. Over the years I probably have seen a brother frequently, and some are pledge class brothers. Others perhaps I’ve never before met. There is just a common bond that one feels. I have relished the feeling for years. So, as brothers have helped me over time, I seek to pay dollars forward and help brothers I have yet to meet. Wish I had contributed more faithfully each year. It was too easy to put off.

Yes, the word is experience, a fantastic experience. When at school, we functioned as a unit, dedicated to one another, proud of our relationship. Then, as adults, we again would take time to look after one another. Presently, we are planning our 60 year reunion...with my best friends.”


Bob Schmidt ‘52

“Friendships and Fellowship that were “Not for College days alone”  Our class got together almost every year up until a few years ago. In 2002 18 of us and wives had a 3 day reunion in Naples, Florida. What FUN!”


William Brock ‘63

“FIJI was a big influence on my life. It made me focus on something bigger than myself and my daily activities. There were founding principles, impressive history, honorable brothers who had changed the world, diverse brothers in the house, all having something to contribute and to teach us all. Generally, this is something worth funding- despite the presence of a few who don’t get the big picture.

Humility, in that some brothers had talents way beyond mine. The value of Leadership- someone has to take charge and try to be an example for others.

On the PGD Financial Advisory Committee, I met many men helping the organization move forward. I met PGD staff and found them high caliber, friendly, and dedicated. As the President of the SW Florida Graduate Chapter for six years, I bonded with FIJIs from all over the US. Great guys. I tried to design programs and speakers to enhance their FIJI memories.

Some “move on” and leave their FIJI friends. WHY?? Keep those friendships alive. With the pandemic, we learn that friends, family, and community are really important. You can’t do it alone. Stay in touch with the groups that have served you well.”


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